Founder and content creator @ CamboKitchen

Cat started the CamboKitchen journey in 2013 to publicly pursue her love affair with food. “My Cambodian heritage taught me unique characteristics of Cambodian cookery.” She recently joined a team at a unique leading Cambodian restaurant in Melbourne to help deliver valuable experiences and knowledge to an ever growing community of foodies.

One of her greatest influencer says “It’s just us trying to start a movement where everybody passes on a bit of cooking knowledge. We estimate that one person can potentially affect 180 others very quickly so we’re just trying to spread the word.

Isn’t it so true about “there is always something new and amazing to learn”? Here at CamboKitchen, Cat wants to share about what makes Cambodian food distinctive and most of all succulently different amongst the rest of the south east asian cuisines. And as the world learn to embrace more of what other cuisines have to offer, people get inspired and influenced by their weird and wonderful food… happy cooking and eating!

People Who Love To Eat Are Always The Best People” ​-Julia Child

Food photographer and stylist @ CamboKitchen

Sodanie happily joined the CamboKitchen project late in 2013. She is a lover of food and fashion but also lives and breathe photography.

She is skillful in marrying her passion with a sense of style to deliver mouth-watering results to anyone’s eyes. Growing up eating Cambodian food, she has a collection of food stories to share with the world and essentially speaks a thousand words through photos.

“Thanks a million to her photo magic, tasty creativity and artistic contribution!” – Cat

Recipe tester and tastemaster @ CamboKitchen

Want to contribute or  join the team @ CamboKitchen? Contact now.


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