The ultimate tropical drink: Cambodian coconut water

Pure coconut water is one of the easiest and refreshing drinks to have on a hot summer day. In Phnom Pehn, Cambodia it is a very popular street food for anyone to try as fresh young green coconuts are abundant and its natural juice inside the shell is sterile. For as little as 50 cents you can get a whole young green coconut from a street side stall, chopped open in front of you and served with a straw.

Then once you’re done sipping the water, you can ask the coconut vendor to cut open the coconut for you to scoop the coconut flesh inside. The flesh is very tender, almost like a delicate jelly, and can be scraped off with part of the outside shell or a spoon.

Coconut water contains high potassium and mineral content and is the perfect rehydration drink after a long day or a night out on the town. Majority of Cambodians believe that drinking coconut water consistently will keep them in peak health. Don’t worry this isn’t high in calorie like the coconut milk as it is fat-free and very refreshing.

Treat yourself or guests with young coconuts from your local asian market all summer long by trying out 1 of these simple tricks at home

  • With a cleaver chop to open the top of the shell and empty coconut water and flesh into a container. Cut the flesh into small chunks. Chill in the fridge for 2 hours. No sugar needed. Serve in cocktail glasses.
  • With a cleaver chop to open the top of the shell and empty coconut water and scoop out the flesh. Dice up the flesh and add it into the water. Fill up ice cube trays with the coconut water with pulp and freeze. Perfect for a hot summer day or after a workout, fill up your glass or bottle with the coconut water ice cubes and drink while it’s melting. Don’t mix it with other water as it will dilute the natural taste.

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